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“The Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM) is pleased to endorse Clint and Penny Bragg as the real deal. Their incredible story of reconciliation is captivating and demonstrates what God can do to heal and reunite couples, even in the most desperate circumstances. The Braggs have been entrusted with leadership in our growing national organization. As AMFM Focus Group leaders, they are charged with the responsibility to facilitate authentic relationships, teach innovative strategies to reconcile troubled marriages, and provide quality Christian resources that will equip today’s marriage ministry leaders in the local church.”


Eric and Jennifer Garcia

Founders of the Association of Marriage and Family Ministries (AMFM), Phoenix, AZ

“It is our honor to give the highest of recommendations to Clint and Penny Bragg. In our opinion, their story of marriage reconciliation is the most powerful life story/testimony that we have ever heard. They give God the praise for the great work that He has done. We cannot think of a couple we would more highly recommend than Clint and Penny. They are honest, vulnerable and personable. Their message and presentation is profound, compelling and professional. You will both laugh and cry at the stories that they tell about their lives and the lessons that they learned. Those who attend their events will understand true forgiveness and personal responsibility for making their relationships what God would desire them to be.”


Pastor Dave and Dawn Lind

Calvary Bible Chapel, Focus On Purpose Coaching, Rutland, Vermont

“Clint and Penny Bragg are living proof that it is never too late to heal or reconcile. In a culture of instant gratification they can speak wonders into hearts. Many couples who struggle have found themselves struggling for years. With each passing year their hope dims or is snuffed out completely by the world’s values. Clint and Penny can speak truth into that lie and offer practical, Biblical tools to begin and continue a restoration process. We highly recommend them as a ministry of reconciliation and as individuals who live what they preach.”


Gary and Mona Shriver

Founders of Hope and Healing Ministries, Denair, CA

“Seldom have we seen during our 30 years of full-time marriage ministry a couple that God has chosen to use in such a powerful way to demonstrate God’s redemption and reconciliation in marriage. Clint and Penny’s story is a message that every couple should hear that will give hope that God still changes lives and marriages. On several occasions, we have had the privilege of inviting Clint and Penny to minister to our couples at the Bridge To Life Annual Couples Getaway. Their openness and vulnerability made a powerful impact on our couples. Clint and Penny live what they talk. Their example has encouraged our couples to pray together as couples and to seek God in weekly devotions in a new and refreshing way. We look forward to Clint and Penny ministering with us again. Clint and Penny’s heart for healing marriages will impact your church and ministry.”


Don and Becky Smith

Founders of Bridge to Life Ministries, Muskegon, MI

“We recommend Clint and Penny Bragg and Inverse Ministries to couples who are ready to take the next step in their reconciliation process. Their ministry is full of resources that equip couples with everything they need to stay on track and rebuild their marriages after any crisis.”


Joe and Michelle Williams

Founders of Marriage 911 Online/International Center for Reconciling God’s Way, Modesto, CA