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Marriage Off Course: Trusting God in the Desert of Unwanted Separation or Divorce (Kregel 2018)

“My spouse left, what should I do?”
“This pain won’t go away; what’s wrong with me?”
“How can I save my marriage?”

These are common questions from hurting spouses who have encountered an unwanted separation or divorce. When you’re the only one who wants to save your marriage, is that even possible? What do you do when your spouse is done?

Clint and Penny Bragg have experienced the excruciating pain of separation and divorce firsthand. They also have a decade of helping hundreds of hurting spouses. From the lessons they’ve learned, the Braggs show you what to do when your spouse is done with the marriage—and what not to do. And they share candid accounts from others who have experienced the desert of a broken marriage, as well as applicable stories from the Bible to bolster your faith and hope.

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Rebuilding a marriage takes time. The Braggs know this. After a divorce that lasted eleven years, they started a journey to heal their broken relationship and reconcile their marriage. Whether you are trapped in a cycle of repeated conflict, in full-blown crisis, separated, or divorced, this book offers tangible tools to help heal past hurts, broken trust, and other issues causing division. Included in the book are links to free video podcasts which demonstrate the various concepts covered. 

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Your Marriage, God’s Mission: Discovering Your Spiritual Purpose Together (Kregel, 2017)

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God has a mission for every marriage; an assigned task from Him that is specifically designed for your unique marriage. Filled with innovative ideas, this book will help you discover God’s mission by discovering more of God. Informal and practical, with links to free videos of couples sharing their hard-won experiences, Your Marriage, God’s Mission is a fresh look at deepening your relationship and serving God together.

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